One will reap what one will sow

Influenced by a 19th century poem "The Inchcape Rock" by Robert Southey, the narrative poem "Off to Sea" and the acrylic paintings that accompany it take the reader back long ago to an old seaport where murder, vengeance, and seaweed are floating on the breeze. 

The foreboding forest beckoned...

After her brother disappears on Halloween, Sarah Beth must journey to a recluse woman's house in a cursed forest to rescue him.


"...don't look for trouble. It is out there and it may be waiting for you to find it."

When a teen tries to complete an overnight survival challenge for his final scout badge, he gets more than he bargained for when the howls begin to come from the darkness. "Tyson" is the first book in the forthcoming "Throckmorton Ridge" horror series. Available in ebook and paperback.